With over 20 years in the financial services industry, our specialists pride themselves on using a strategy based process.

Any financial advice we provide is first and foremost designed around the goals and the objectives of YOU!   Our aim is to get to know you and what is most important to you and why.  Our first meeting is complimentary where we will spend 60 to 90 minutes together, getting to know each other, and determining what concerns you most about your current situation and where you are trying to get to.

From here, we can look at which strategies will be most effective to help you achieve those goals. 

The Saltwater Financial Process


Initial Meeting

Our first complimentary appointment is about getting to know each other and what your goals and objectives are.


Strategy Design

After our initial meeting. We will review the information from our previous meeting and utilising the latest research and legislation requirements, design a strategy to suit your individual needs.


Strategy Presentation

At this stage we will present to you our strategy design and outline to your our expert opinion on how you can achieve your goals and objectives utilising an in depth document along with projects to outline how our strategy helps achieve what is important to you.



This step will involve the implementation of the strategy we have agreed on in the previous meetings. We will take full control of ensuring that all recommendations are placed into force in an efficient manner.


Ongoing Review

From there we review your personal situation on an annual basis to ensure the strategy is still working in your best interest and review any strategy already in force to accommodate for any personal changes that may have occurred throughout the year, or any legislative changes which may impact our long term strategy.



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