Sustainable Investments

With the support of our experts and their studies in the Environmental Sciences, we specialise in providing environmental and socially responsible investment advice within superannuation and investment portfolio design. We are able to help you achieve your wealth goals, all whilst holding your environmental values in check.  Looking at some alternative options for your money with the ability to invest in areas such as solar power, wind farms and water recycling systems.

Pre and Post Retirement

Our team are able to help you in the lead up to your retirement with in-depth analysis of your retirement needs to ensure your are able to continue with the lifestyle you desire throughout your retirement.

We are also experts in ensuring that once you have reached that milestone, we are able to access your eligible Centrelink entitlements and benefits and look at ways to increase those entitlements to ensure the longevity of your retirement savings.

Personal Insurance

Throughout life, the unforeseen can happen which can have large impacts on ourselves and our families financially.  At Saltwater Financial Group, we are able to help you evaluate what those risks are, and to put into place protection layers to ensure that if the unforeseen does happen, your financial goals and family are not impacted.

Aged Care

With over 14 years’ experience in this field, our specialists can help you navigate the complex field of Aged Care.  From helping you to understand the various aged care costs and designing a strategy that is going to guide you on the best way to cover those costs and ensure that your loved ones are being looked after in the manner they deserve at their most vulnerable time.

Self Managed Super Fund Advice

Our SMSF specialist team are here to answer all your questions regarding the establishment and ongoing services required for your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.  Helping to navigate your various investment options available such as utilising your retirement savings for property purchase.


With so many options available this can be an often confusing area.  Our team are able to help you navigate the various aspects of Superannuation from the best structure for you to use, a review of the fees and investment options available for you, as well as reviewing what are the best ways for you to utilise this area to build your wealth.

Superannuation has some incredible benefits with the ability to not only allow your retirement savings to grow through excellent portfolio design but it also allows you to build on your savings through tax incentives such as salary sacrifice and transition to retirement strategies.

Our team will help you to review your existing situation and put a strategy into place to help your retirement savings work best for you.

Wealth Creation

Sometimes the biggest hurdle is knowing where to start.  Our team at Saltwater Financial Group are specialists in helping you navigate the best structure, strategy and portfolio design to commence or continue your personal wealth creation.

Whether you are looking for capital growth or want to focus on high income tax favourable investments, our team are specialists in building a wealth creation strategy that is tailored for your specific needs.

Budget Planning

Budgets aren’t that scary! Understanding where your money goes (what comes in, what goes out) is pretty simple, with a bit of help from our team.

Once you’re clear on your budget, you can start to make decisions on how much you have to save/invest each month. This allows you to start to grow your wealth without giving up on the lifestyle you enjoy today.
Paying down your debts is a great step towards financial freedom, and the team at Saltwater Financial Group can help you prioritise your debts into an affordable repayment plan.



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